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About Hebei Normal University for Nationalities

Hebei Normal University for Nationalities is located in Chengde City, a famous historical and cultural city of China, which is just 100 kilometers northeast of Beijing. Chengde people speak Chinese Mandarin with the most standard pronunciation. Chengde is especially famous for its traditional culture and beautiful scenery. As one of the Class A tourist destination in China, Chengde attracts visitors from home and abroad with the Great Wall, the Summer Mountain Resort-the biggest royal garden in the world and its Eight Outlying Temples which are all within easy access.

Hebei Normal University for Nationalities has a history of over 100 years. It is the only one university that features multiple ethnic groups in Hebei Province, and is a university co-built by the Hebei Provincial Government and the State Ethnic Affairs Commission of China. The university adheres to the principles of teaching-oriented, local and ethnic characteristics and application-based. The university has been devoted to ethnic culture research and continuity. Courses highlighting ethnic and local characteristics are offered, including Manchu, History of Qing Dynasty, Manchu Sports, Manchu Dances, Manchu Paper-Cut and Ethnic Painting and Handicraft. The university is promoting cooperation and exchanges with both Chinese and foreign universities. Now it has built cooperative relations with Minzu University of China, Dalian Nationalities University, Harbin Sport University, National University of America, Murray State University, Wonkwang University of Korea, University of Malaya and Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology. HBUN is the Hebei International Promotion Base of Chinese Language.

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